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Enriching Student Life Awards


The Enriching Student Life Awards are student-led awards which recognise the dedication and innovation of staff across the University. The awards offer students a chance to formally recognise those staff who have contributed to their academic achievements as well as their overall student experience.

The awards are run by the Students Union and students are asked to nominate staff from across the University in February within categories which recognise staffs’ helpfulness, quality of feedback, innovation of teaching and teaching quality, as well as celebrating those support staff within the University who improve the overall quality of students’ time at University.

The nominations are judged by a panel made up of students, Students’ Union staff and University staff and are judged on the level to which the students’ experience has been influenced and enhanced by the staff member nominated, as well as the number of students affected by the staff member. The top three nominees for each award, along with the students who nominated them are invited to a black tie ceremony in May at which the winners are announced by the Vice-Chancellor.

In past years, over 200 nominations have been received, demonstrating just how important the Enriching Student Life Awards are as a platform for students to celebrate their lecturers and staff members’ successes, and the important role staff play in improving the student experience, albeit through helping one individual student or inspiring a whole lecture theatre.