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2013 – Shortlisted Nominees and Winners

The Honour Roll

Katie Davies

Most Uplifting Member of Staff Award

Dave Dawkins
Giuseppe Vatalaro
Rob Wilson

The Individual Contribution Award

Margot Black
Anish Kundu
Louise Paramore

The Most Helpful Member of Staff Award

Duncan Bloy
Ellen Christopher
Denise Davies
Angharad Naylor

Campaign of the Year

School of Healthcare Studies
School of Mathematics
School of Law

The Sustainability Award

Jane Henderson for staff

Megan Prideaux for students

The Most Effective Member of Staff

Martin Coyle
Glen Sweeney
Luke Sloan

The Most Innovative Member of Staff

Ralph Fevre
Rebecca Price-Davies
Steve Whitcombe

School Rep Co-ordinator of the Year

Rachel Taylor Swann
Keren Williamson
Rob Wilson

Personal Tutor of the Year

Gary Attard
Rob Thomas
Carole Tucker

Student-Staff Panel of the Year

School of Mathematics Undergraduate SSP
School of Pharmacy Undergraduate SSP
School of Social Sciences Undergraduate SSP

The Endsleigh Employability Award

Helen McNally
Elliot Pill
Janet Williams

Student Academic Rep of the Year
James Hunns
Sheatha Latif
Ollie Wannell

The Enriching Student Life Award

Kathryn Foot
Louise Hughes
Sarah Williamson

College of the Year

Biomedical and Life Sciences

The Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Commitment to the Student Experience

Sarah Williamson


Winners of the Enriching Student Life Awards 2013

The Honour Roll
Winner – Katie Davies

The Honour Roll is one of the University’s and Student Unions most prestigious Awards.  This special award is given to a student who has achieved outstanding achievements alongside their studies, and in doing so has not only improved the university experience for fellow students but has also made an impact in the Local Community.

The winner of this award has overcome personal difficulties to volunteer for the local Samaritans, a local Rainbows group, volunteered her time to support care-leavers at the University through our monitoring programme and at summer schools, working for the children’s charity of Barnardos and more recently been working as a domiciliary carer within the local community – all alongside studying a Psychology degree.

We are very proud to have students who are so passionate about helping others, at Cardiff University and are delighted to award the Honour Roll to an outstanding student this year, Kate Davies.

Most Uplifting Member of Staff Award
Winner – Giuseppe Vatalaro – School of European Languages, Translation and Politics

Giuseppe has undoubtedly made every lecture interesting and thoroughly enjoyable, not only due to his natural ability to make lectures both easy to follow as well as rewarding, but also due to the uplifting attitude he has, that is constantly present when teaching, as well as around the university.  This attitude encourages positivity from his students, regardless of the difficulty of the module, and therefore transforms the learning experience. On top of this, he is always more than willing to give his time to ensure students understand and, as a result, enables them to improve in their knowledge of the Italian language or culture, as well as grow in the belief that they are able to do well.  Any queries were always quickly answered and well explained and helped students to feel reassured, and therefore also encouraged students to try and give of their best. Without a doubt, Giuseppe is an excellent lecturer and member of staff.

The Individual Contribution Award
Winner – Louise Paramore

Louise is a final year Medic student, who is always more than keen to get involved in the activities of the medical school despite the high demands of her course.  Louise is now a 5th year medic based in North Wales but still makes every effort to attend student-staff panel meetings, whether it means travelling back to Cardiff or connecting via video link.  This shows her true dedication to ensure that the student voice is heard.  Her Student Rep Co-ordinator says that ‘Over the 5 years of the course Louise has been reliable, professional and a good voice for the students, helping to contribute to many changes, both operational and academic. The medical school is currently designing and implementing a new curriculum (C21) and Louise has been one of the main student contributors to this operation.’  For a medic student with a substantial workload, the effort Louise gives to the student voice is outstanding, and we’re told that she is still doing exceptionally well in her course despite these added commitments!

The Most Helpful Member of Staff Award
Winner – Denise Davies – School of Healthcare Studies

Denise is a consent help and goes above and beyond her role and student expectations, always putting the students first.  Nothing is too much trouble for Denise whatever the request she can be depended upon to attend to any requests or find out more information.  Everything she does is with a smile.  The students are confident that the information she gives is in line with procedure and she is always approachable.  She is the link that is needed between students lecturers and the University.



Campaign of the Year

Winner – School of Mathematics

Following the first College Forum where Speak Week was discussed, the Student-Staff Panel Chair took the concept back to their SSP where they agreed to hold their very own Speak Week stall through Speak Week.  Every single representative and even some students from their subject based society took it in turns to man the stall throughout the week which gathered a significant amount of feedback from students in their School. They were the only School to host their own stall throughout the week, and it was refreshing to see so many staff supporting their campaign.  The dedication shown by the School of Mathematics to a campaign week that was a brand new concept to Cardiff University Students’ Union was outstanding and it helped the Students’ Union raise awareness of the campaign and encourage even more students to ‘Speak up’ and ‘Have their say’.

The Sustainability Award
Winner – Jane Henderson for staff
Winner - Megan Prideaux for students

New for 2013, the Sustainability Awards have been created to promote innovation and excellence in sustainable practices, academic work or community engagement by recognising and honouring those students and staff that are exemplars in the field. The achievements of those nominated have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of environmental issues and build a more sustainable world.

The winner of the University Staff Member award goes to Professor Jane Henderson, who has inspired students through bring debates and questions to the classroom as a senior lecturer of conservation. This drive and focus on sustainability gives students the confidence to develop their own ideas, resulting in high impact publications and awards her students have received. Outside the University she is also active in the community within the Federation of Welsh Museums and Steering Group for the Government supported Museum Strategy for Wales where she has championed sustainability.

The Winner of the Student Sustainability Award goes to Megan Prideaux who has been volunteering her time to help the local Cardiff community and spread the message of sustainability. This student took on the role of Project Coordinator for the Environmental Champions group working with the local Council, fair-trade projects, litter picks, river/beach cleans and encouraging recycling in the local community.

The Most Effective Member of Staff
Winner – Luke Sloan – School of Social Sciences

Luke has entirely restructured a module in order to make learning more effective and to prepare second year students better for dissertations.  This has helped understanding and interest from students improve enormously and thus means that they’re all a lot more confident with the material.  More importantly, Luke is always available to clear up concerns or to respond to queries.  He is also reflexive in the way he approaches problems.  He organised a ‘Festival of Social Science’ at the beginning of the year which allowed students access too many different researchers.  This really broadened their horizons and allowed them to actually take part in some research!

Luke has raised the enjoyability of research methods!  A stereotypically boring module really became much more interesting.  Luke really cares about his students and wants them to do well so really tailors his lectures and seminars to make sure they have full understanding.

The Most Innovative Member of Staff
Winner – Ralph Fevre – School of Social Sciences

Professor Fevre trialled the implementation of a new lecture structure, prioritising student involvement through reflexive teaching methods.  Despite the practical implications and structural difficulties, the aim of improving teaching methods for student benefit was clear.  As a consequence of the lecture and seminar format students engaged quickly and enthusiastically with course materials.  Professor Fevre’s commitment clearly extended beyond the lecture theatre. The book which accompanies the module is written from the student perspective and applies the situational dilemmas of contemporary students to Social Theory.  There was an open dialogue throughout the trial of the new lecture style.  Students were encouraged to be active participants in the module rather than passive recipients of established social theory.  Professor Fevre demonstrates a genuine concern for improving both teaching methods and student comprehension.

Student Rep Co-Ordinator of the Year
Winner – Keren Williamson

Keren has worked hard to create a strong Student Voice within the School this year.  Healthcare has a wide range of different subjects, all of which have their own Student-Staff Panel.  Collating names of these different programmes of representatives and arranging training for the different groups of students will have created a lot of extra work for her but Keren was amazing through the whole process.

The School of Healthcare studies has seen significant changes over the last few months and Keren has made a conscious effort to unify how the School addresses issues related to this across the programmes.  Keren has ensured that all programmes address School wide issues by arranging additional meetings with Programme Reps, and has now decided to hold regular ‘Reps Round Table’ events, even supplying them with lunch for these meetings!

Personal Tutor of the Year
Winner – Rob Thomas – School of Biosciences

Rob has helped students with their personal circumstances pointing them in the right direction and helping them with their studies and revision.  Rob has also taken a lot of time to get to know his students personally.  They meet up for tutorial meetings or individual meetings once every two weeks at the maximum.

Rob invites his students to join his bird ringing group that he runs every month for them to gain experience and share his love for his job, which is very inspiring.  He even asks them to invite their friends to come along as he likes to get students involved with his work including his new Cardiff website.

Rob deserves this award because of the effort he puts into his work, even other students are noticing his efforts as they see their tutors every month or if they have a problem.

Student-Staff Panel of the Year
Winner – School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences have a professional yet friendly student-staff panel that works together to ensure the student voice is listened to and acted upon.  They have a supportive Student Rep Co-ordinator who aids them in improving communication within the School.  The Chair and deputy Chair work hard to ensure students are democratically elected within the School, something that is still a rarity in many others.  They also attend sessions to help first year students, for example at the end of the first term the chair talked to first years to tell them what to expect from exams.  The Minutes from their meetings demonstrate a professional approach, ensuring that all issues from the previous meetings have been addressed.  Students are encouraged to send emails to the panel if they aren’t able to attend or are unable to talk to other representatives.  We argue that this Student-Staff Panel is a model example of what a Student-Staff Panel should look like, with an excellent balance or student engagement and staff support.

The Endsleigh Employability Award
Winner – Elliot Pill – School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies

Elliot is the course leader for the Masters in International Public Relations and Global Communications Management.  He adapts the structure of the course on a yearly basis, based on the feedback from current students and professionals who hire these students.

Elliot invites professionals from the industry to come in and talk to the group on a weekly basis.  This means that the students are getting the opportunity to meet experts in various fields regularly.  The time spent with these professionals is invaluable, and can often lead to internships exclusively offered to his class.

Student Academic Rep of the Year
Winner – Ollie Wannell

Ollie is a final year Law and Politics student who is a representative for Law.  A previous Student-Staff Panel Chair, he has been active in being a Student Academic Rep throughout his time here at Cardiff.  A fellow rep nominated Ollie, saying ‘He’s been so good for the last three years’ listing a range of projects from promotion of the rep system, creating a survey to encourage the School to implement lecture capture, student rep surgeries and has campaigned to keep a range of modules within the Schools.  He has also set up a Sibling Scheme through the Law Society.  He has also attended a range of conferences this year with regards to the Student Voice, Chairing a debate at our own Student Academic Rep conference and presenting at a Higher Education Academy conference.

The Enriching Student Life Award
Winner – Kathryn Foot – Careers and Employability

Kath has put an incredible amount of time and effort into ensuring that every student receives the help and support they need. She is always enthusiastic and determined to enable students to reach the best of their potential.  Kath deserves this award because she has gone above and beyond to help and develop so many students at Cardiff University. She is a genuinely kind and caring person who will always go out of her way to help a student in whatever way she can.

Kath has given countless students endless advice on employability throughout the year and has always been willing to check CVs, covering letters and application forms.  She has made an effort to get to know every single student on the Cardiff Award programme and helped students to develop invaluable skills as a result.  Kath has greatly improved the student experience by making sure that students make the most of all opportunities available and use whatever experience they have to sell themselves to employers.

College of the Year
Winner – Biomedical and Life Sciences

The College of Biomedical and Life Sciences has shown outstanding commitment to support their students through Student-Staff Panels and there has been excellent support from their Student Rep Co-ordinators and a wide range of staff in the College.  They are leading the way in demonstrating the importance of the student voice and the impact it has on the student experience.




The Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Commitment to the Student Experience
Winner – Sarah Williamson

This award recognises those individuals who go above and beyond their role to champion the Cardiff experience, those who bring student engagement to the heart of the University’s work, and those who are on the front line of making the student experience here a ‘byword for excellence’.  The winner of the award this year is Dr Sarah Williamson, Head of Education in Registry and Academic Services, for her commitment to partnership with students and the instrumental role she has played in developing strong links between the University and the Students’ Union.  Sarah has been a pioneer for the University in the ways in which she has involved Students as Partners in University business.