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Summer 2014


Solar Atlas for Wales

Eleni Ampatzi
Simon Lannon


Genetic analysis of parasite fauna infecting freshwater fish species (Cyclocheilichthys repasson and Ompok bimaculatus) in the Kinabatangan River, Sabah, Malaysia

Dr Raquel Xavier
Dr Jo Cable

Investigating the transplantation of rodent and human fetal tissue as a therapeutic intervention for Huntington’s disease.

Dr Mariah Lelos
Prof Anne Rosser

Behavioural Assessment of a Focal Ischemic “Stroke” Animal Model

Stephen B. Dunnett
Claris M. Diaz

Variation in epidermal and mucosal responses of parasitized guppies: an explanation for differences in parasite resistance?

Dr Joanne Cable
Jessica Stephenson

The effect of parasitic helminths on the gut microbiome

Dr Sarah Perkins
Dr Julian Marchesi

The role of transcription factor networks in regulating stress and senescence in plants

Hilary Rogers

BARC (Bag and Remove in Cymru): environmental contamination caused by dog fouling

Dr Jo Cable

Analysing expression of Cancer Stem Cell markers in primary and metastatic melanomas

Dr Victoria Marsh Durban
Prof Alan R Clarke

Declining eel populations: implications for a top predator

Dr E A Chadwick
Dr S E Perkins

Microsatellite marker development for an invasive earthworm species adapted to volcanic soils

Marta Novo
Peter Kille

Determining the role of the lysosome in an autism spectrum disorder

Dr Emyr Lloyd-Evans
Dr Kim Wager


Gold catalysis: elucidating the role of functional groups on carbon supports

Philip R. Davies
David Morgan

Chirality in Two Dimensions: Which Way do Adsorbed Molecules Turn?

Prof Gary Attard

Advancing New Techniques for Enantioselective Control of Crystal Shape

Prof Kenneth D.M. Harris 

Computer Science and Informatics

An artificial intelligence player for Angry Birds

Steven Schockaert
Kirill Sidorov

Optimising parameters for analysing lipidomic datasets

Dr Stuart Allen
Prof Valerie O’Donnell

Waveform Information Summarisation for Electronic Records (WISER)

Prof Paul Rosin
Prof Judith Hall

Automatic Analysis of Music Performance Style

Dr Kirill Sidorov
Dr Andrew Jones

Earth and Ocean Sciences

Beach replenishment along the US Atlantic Coast

Dr Eli Lazarus

Earth’s Greenhouse-Icehouse Transition

Caroline Lear

Biotic Controls on Channel Evolution Following River Restoration

Jose Constantine

State of the Severn Estuary: evaluation of reporting system

Dr Rhoda Ballinger
Shelley Vince


Optimisation of the Morgan-Botti Lightning Laboratory Control and Data Acquisition System

Dr. David Clark
Dr. Daniel Mitchard

Analysis of the thermoelectric phenomena in the frequency domain under actual operating conditions for energy harvesting application

Jorge García-Cañadas
Dr Gao Min

Detection of faults in rolling element bearings using Acoustic Emission

Dr Alastair Clarke
Dr Rhys Pullin

Impact of bed shear stress on the critical swimming speed of benthic fish

Dr Catherine Wilson
Fran Hockley

Numerical modelling of acoustic emission events in composite materials

Luiz Kawashita
Carol Featherston

Mechanical Forces Due to Lightning Strikes to Aircraft

Dr Carol Featherston
Dr Mark Eaton

Engineering/Computer Science

Augmenting Sports Video Analysis and Annotation with Audio and Web Media Commentary

Yulia Hicks
Dave Marshall

English, Communication and Philosophy

Individuals’ keystroke performance on tasks of different cognitive demands

Lise Fontaine
Michelle Aldridge

The role of the Intermediary in police investigative interviews with vulnerable witnesses.

Dr Michelle Aldridge

Discursive representations of parenting at an ‘older’ age

Dr Virpi Ylänne

European Languages, Translation and Politics

Representing War’s End: The Seventieth Anniversary of the Liberation of France and its Visual Legacies

Claire Gorrara 

Healthcare Sciences


Dr Liba Sheeran
Prof Dave Marshall 

History, Archaeology and Religion

Cardiff World War 1 Detectives

David Wyatt

Roman Coin Hoards from France & Germany

Dr Peter Guest

New approaches to the seasonality of pig husbandry in the past

Richard Madgwick
Jacqui Mulville

Why did the first farmers hunt? Understanding early human:animal interactions in Turkey

Dr J Mulville
Dr R Madgwick 

Journalism Media and Cultural Studies

Television news and the 2014 EU Elections

Dr Stephen Cushion

The Meaning of ‘Racism’ in the UK Press 20 Years After the death of Stephen Lawrence

Dr Kerry Moore

Emotional story-telling in journalism

Professor Karin Wahl-Jorgensen

Reporting Atrocity

Prof Simon Cottle

Keith Waterhouse: interrogating the archive

Prof Bob Franklin
William Ham Bevan

A Content Analysis of the 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review

Dr Mike Berry

Discussing the news on social media: an analysis of citizens’ democratic values and aspirations

Inaki Garcia-Blanco

A content analysis of the link between climate change and the UK floods in media coverage

Professor Karin Wahl-Jorgensen
Dr Mike Berry

Childhood Memories of BBC Newsround

Dr Cynthia Carter
Professor Stuart Allan

Images of Crisis: Photojournalism and NGOs

Prof Stuart Allan


Using the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to find out more about a ‘secret’ court

Prof Phil Fennell
Dr Lucy Series

Access of single women to IVF treatment: a case of incidental discrimination?

Atina Krajewska

Sexual Violence in Armed Conflicts: The Extent of the Problem and National Legal Approaches

Dr Christine Byron 


Building Game Theoretical Software in a Research Environment

Vincent Knight 


Steroid sulfatase effects on behaviour and cognition

William Davies

Monitoring the cognitive consequences of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Prof George Kirov 


Building the Jan Fairley Archive

Dr Sarah Hill
Dr Charity Dove 

Optometry and Vision Sciences

Light for Sight

Prof Marcela Votruba 

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Formulation and Evaluation of a Natural Product and Rub

Dr CM Heard
Prof Stephen Denyer

Discovery of Novel Breast Cancer Drug Candidates

Dr Andrew D. Westwell
Dr Andrea Brancale

Evaluation of the placement scheme of Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences: exploring supervisor’s views

Dr Efi Mantzourani
Dr Mat Smith

Caveolin-1 and glioma tumour initiator cells

Mark Gumbleton 

Physics and Astronomy

Molecular dynamics simulations of exciton transport in coupled quantum wells

Dr Joe Wilkes
Prof Peter Smowton 

Planning and Geography

Housing, homelessness and the recession in Wales

Peter Mackie

The Campus as a Living Laboratory – Exploring place-based learning approaches to ESD

Dr Ria Dunkley
Dr Alex Franklin

Exploring social trends and travel behaviour in the UK using secondary data sources

Dr Dimitris Potoglou
Scott Orford 


Emotion production in autism spectrum disorder

Catherine Jones 

Social Sciences

Communication in social work with children: a qualitative research project

Dr Sophie Hallett
Dr Sally Holland

Roles of schools in promoting adolescent health and wellbeing

Graham Moore
Gillian Hewitt

The politics of UK Government welfare reform

Dr. Rod Hick

Global Social Justice: percepetions of community and inequality

Dr Nick Bailey

ELLE and Feminism in Schools: Mapping impact in practice

Prof Emma Renold

Definitional boundaries of discrimination

Katy Greenland

Curriculum Innovation for Social Science Learning in Medicine

Dr Sara MacBride-Stewart
Prof Kamila Hawthorne 


The acquisition of Welsh phonetics and phonology by adult learners

Dr Jonathan Morris
Prof Diarmait Mac Giolla Chríost

Sentiment analysis via corpus linguisticsÑattitudes toward the Welsh Language in the Western Mail

Dr Jeremy Evas
Dr Frances Rock, ENCAP

What do we tell the children? Beth ddwedwn ni wrth y plant?

Dr Siwan Rosser