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Summer 2013


Validation of the Residential Environment Assessment Tool (REAT)

Wouter Poortinga
Simon Lannon


Understanding stress signalling networks in plants

Hilary Rogers

Are cartilage stem cells more or less sensitive to pro-inflammatory cytokines than mesenchymal stem cells?

Helen McCarthy

The influence of artificial street lighting on the nocturnal drifting behaviour of freshwater invertebrates.

Sian Griffiths
Rhian Wilson

Is the Subject Examining Board a Predictor of Success in HE and What are the Consequences for Secondary Science Education?

Andrew Shore
Matt Baker

Characterising the consequences of Cbx3 loss on intestinal tumourigenesis

Karen Reed
Alan Clarke

Primary production in upland streams: is biodiversity affected by increased nitrogen?

Hugh Feeley
Isabelle Durance

Investigating a role for the Arabidopsis ERECTA kinase in the control of radial patterning in the primary root meristem.

James Murray
Ricardo Randall

The effect of climate on parasite development rates

Sarah Perkins
Jo Cable

How does infection load relates to infectiousness?

Sarah Perkins
Jo Cable

Developing a set-shifting task for Huntington’s disease mouse models.

Simon Brooks
Stephen Dunnett

Creating research-focused engagement activities to enhance school curricula, support teaching and engage audiences in Wales with Cardiff Biosciences research

Sheila Dargan
Tim Jacob

Creating an e-portal for Bioscience resources that can be freely downloaded for use in engagement workshops with schools and wider audiences

Sheila Dargan
Fiona Wyllie

Do human ES cells grown on nanospheres produce better neurons for cell replacement therapies?

Anne Rosser
Claire Kelly

Fish personality and disease transmission

Gabrielle Archard
Jo Cable

Agnostic interactions between invasive crayfish species (Pacifastus leniusculus and Orconectes virilis) in the UK

Jo Cable
Jo James

Imprinted genes, the placenta and maternal mood disorders

Rosalind John

Innovative stem cell modelling of metabolic and cardiac deficiencies in Huntington’s Disease

Paul Kemp
Nicholas Allen

Deciphering the mechanisms of action of RNA-binding proteins

Sonia Lopez de Quinto


Investigating logistics terminal efficiency using Little’s Law

Andrew Potter

e-Enabled communication flexibility for smart logistics

Yingli Wang

Compilation Reports and voluntary audits in private companies

Mark Clatworthy
Mike Peel


Community Engagement for Sustainable Placemaking

Leanne Cullen-Unsworth
Alex Franklin


Gold catalysis: elucidating the role of functional groups on carbon supports

Philip Davies

Spin-coating the materials gap: Iron Molybdate Catalysts

David Morgan

Molecular modelling of polymer-drug conjugates: understanding behaviour in solution for benefits of cancer therapy

James Platts
Alison Paul

Photooxidation with iridium complexes targeted for photodynamic therapy

Simon Pope

Computer Science

Non-photorealistic rendering for generating artistic portraits

Paul Rosin
Yukun Lai

Automated analysis of lipidomic datasets

Stuart Allen
Valerie O’Donnell

How Unique is my City? A spatial analysis of the UK

Martin Chorley
Gualtiero Colombo

Measuring similarity of experimental parameters

Gualtiero Colombo
Stuart Allen

Computer Science/Health Care

Defining Standard assessment of scapulohumeral function by converting community-sourced data into a formal ontology

Irena Spasic
Mike Smith

Developing a Video plugin for OBE-edit to support physiotherapy applications of this open-source ontology editor

Irena Spasic
Kate Button

Computer Sciences/Social Sciences

Mapping an acute knee injury database to an ontology to support future epidemiology studies

Irena Spasic
Kate Button


Oral Mucosal Lamina Propia-induced Pluripotent Stem Cells as a preferential cell-based treatment for neuronal damage

Phil Stephens

Development of a technology enhanced learning module for undergraduate orthodontic education

Hashmat Popat
Clare Davies


Determining the effect of zoonotic infection on stem cell function in animal transplantation models for the treatment of neurodegenerative disease.

Adam Glen
Claire Kelly

Dentistry/Computer Science

Detecting crowd characteristics that are indicative of disorder and violence in city centre locations

Simon Moore
Paul Rosin

Earth and Ocean Sciences

Quantifying hurricane-induced landsliding through the measurement of mountain soils

Tristam Hales

Severn Estuary Reporting: Indicator refinement

Rhoda Ballinger

Benthic foraminiferal stable isotopes during the late glacial and last glacial termination of the NE Atlantic

Kate Hendry

Diatom assemblages in the North Atlantic during periods of abrupt climate change

Kate Hendry
Jenny Pike

The Eocene Hothouse: Quantifying Earth’s climate sensitivity

Kirsty Edgar
Caroline Lear

Antartic Ice Sheet Stability: Evidence from the seafloor

Caroline Lear
Kirsty Edgar

Earth and Ocean Sciences/Chemistry

Preventing swell-shrink of soils with surfactants

Sérgio Lourenço
Alison Paul


Cardiff Futures: Wales is not Healthy; Promoting Healthy Places and People in Wales

Rhys Pullin

Utilising novel materials in the design of a lightweight seat for the automotive industry

Peter Theobald

Enhanced performance of safety headwear by using novel materials

Peter Theobald

Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Aerospace Component Fatigue Testing

Rhys Pullin
Mark Eaton

Damage Detection in Rotating Machinery – A Pilot Study for Gear Transmission Systems

Alistair Clarke
Rhys Pullen

A needle sensor for cancer diagnosis

Xin Yang
Adrian Porch

A Magnetoelastic Energy Harvester for a self-sustaining sensing device

Turgut Meydan
Fatih Anayi

Waste oxide catalysed photolysis of pharmaceuticals during wastewater treatment

Devin Sapsford
Akintunde Babatunde

Fault Simulation of a tidal stream turbine using CFD modelling

Daphne O’Doherty
Allan Mason-Jones

Assessment of Impact of Suspended Sediment Characteristics on Nutrient Concentrations in Estuarine Waters

Bettina Bockelmann-Evans
Akintunde Babatunde

Effect of blade surface finish on tidal turbine characteristics

Tim O’Doherty
Allan Mason-Jones

Laser micro machining of composite materials for aerospace applications

Emmanuel Brousseau
Carol Featherston

Laboratory testing of a vertical axis tidal turbine

Thorston Stoesser

Wireless Sensor Node Optimisation

Sian Armstrong


A new measure of fish swimming performance: the influence of velocity and turbulence

Catherine Wilson
Jo Cable


Versatile Simulator Producing Optokinetic Nystagmus for a Broad Range of Visual Tests

Yevgen Melikhov
Tomasz Kutrowski


Using short duration microwave pulses in rapid detection of pathogen DNA.

Jonathan Lees
Les Baillie

Use of microwave techniques to study binding processes using molecular imprinted polymers (MIPs)

Adrian Porch
Chris Allender

English, Communication and Philosophy

Radicals and Religion: The History of 20th Century Philosophy in Wales’

Huw Williams

Stories of South Asian Settlement in Cardiff from the 1950s to the 1980s

Chris Weedon
Radhika Mohanram

Women in Trousers: A cultural history 1789 to present

Becky Munford
Alison Harvey

The Cardiff Key Writing Project:  Using software to further our understanding  of human language production

Lise Fontaine
Michelle Aldridge

European Studies

The Construction of Contemporary Valencian Identity

Andrew Dowling

Representing War’s End: French-British Perspectives on the First World War

Claire Gorrara

History, Archaeology and Religion

A long tale of filth, neglect, carelessness and disease’: public health in Victorian rural Wales

Keir Waddington

Reconstructing the Feasts of Late Neolithic Britain

Jacqui Mulville
Richard Madgwick

The Prosopography of the Socialist Movement in Early Twentieth Century Wales

Martin Wright
William Jones

History, Archaeology and Religion/Welsh

Provenance in the Cardiff Rare Books Collection

Judi Loach
E Wyn James

Journalism, Media and Communication

Embracing or resisting 24-hour news values? Comparing UK television news coverage in the 1980s with contemporary journalism

Stephen Cushion

Reporting politics or (re)interpreting it? A comparative study of journalists vs. politicians in US and UK television news

Stephen Cushion


What’s the point? Analysis of the Outcome of Government Consultation Papers in the Field of Personal Injury Compensation (2000-2013)

Annette Morris

The cases the Supreme Court reject: Creation and analysis of a database of cases refused a hearing in the Supreme Court.

Rachel Cahill-O’Callaghan


Evaluation of University-wide Mathematics Support Service

Robert Wilson

Demonstrating an improvement in outpatient services using GIS software

Cheryl Voake
Paul Harper

Oscillating Flow of the Rotating Disk Boundary Layer

Christopher Davies


HeLP-EMPOWER-MS2: pilot evaluation of a Health-Literacy Based Self-Management Programme for People with Moderate to Severe Multiple Sclerosis

Adrian Edwards

Role of Hepatocyte Growth Factor-like (HGFI)/Macrophage Stimulating Protein (MSP) in wound healing

Wen Jiang
Keith Harding
Andrew Sanders

Investigating the link between the catenin complex and the regulation of tight junction assembly in vascular endothelium during cancer metastasis

Tracey Martin
Wen Jiang

Assessing the effectiveness of student support mechanisms for medical students

Stephen Beyer
Amanda Tonks

Characteristics of Children of Alcoholics

Marianne van den Bree

Measuring autoantibodies in demyelinating disease.

Paul Morgan

Endogenous bone morphogenetic protein 7 (BMP7) and its antagonists in prostate cancer cells and the implication in the bone metastasis

Lin Ye
Sioned Owen

Capillary morphogenesis gene 2 (CMG2) in the peritoneal dissemination of pancreatic cancer

Lin Ye
Wen Jiang

Cognitive Impairment in the Acute Surgical Setting

Jonathan Hewitt
Michael Stechman

Development and Assessment of an oncolytic replication deficient adenovirus vector as a therapeutic agent for Transitional Cell

Peter Tomasec
Gavin Wilkinson

Symptom characterisation in Huntington’s Disease

Lesley Jones
Peter Holmans

Medicine/Computer Science

Advanced temporal data analysis of electronic anaesthetic records for critical events and near misses

Judith Hall
David Marshall


Jan Fairley Archive

Amanda Villepastour
Sarah Hill

Francophone Music Criticism, 1789-1914, Collection: Parisian Salomes

Clair Rowden


Is this just real visual change or is this just fantasy? Functional mapping of biological changes in eye disease.

Tony Redmond

Retinal layer analysis as an indicator of early glaucomatous damage

Julie Albon
Rachel North

The effect of ophthalmacy on eye pressure

Kirsten Hamilton-Maxwell


Polarised light vision in homing pigeons

Jonathan Erichsen
Turgot Meydan

Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education

Evaluating the impact on medical career destinations for medical graduates who choose to work abroad after foundation training

Melanie Jones
Sally Blake

Does perception of surgical smoke change with operator experience

Jared Torkington
James Ansell


Design and Synthesis of Novel CYP121 Inhibitors as Antimycobacterial Therapeutics

Claire Simons

Potentiation of antimicrobial activity by metal ions

Charles Heard
Stephen Denyer

Molecularly imprinted Polymers for lipidomics

Jenna Bowen
Chris Allender

Interactive ebooks to enhance learning of Pharmacy Undergraduates

Mathew Smith
Efi Mantzourani

Physics and Astronomy

Acoustics of Stringed Instruments

Bernard Richardson

The death throes of an explosive star

Hayley Gomez
Edward Gomez

Cleanroom process development and process step qualifying

Phil Buckle
Dan Read

Detecting exoplanetary atmospheres using the Exoplanet Characterization Observatory – EChO)

Enzo Pascale
Andreas Papageorgiou

Eyes on pocket spacecraft

Edward Gomez
Hayley Gomez

Screencasting: a tool for supporting teaching in physics and astronomy

David Westwood
Dan Read

Nanostructures for next generation magnetic data storage technologies

Dan Read
Stephen Lynch

The Largest Voids in the Universe

B.S. Sathyaprakash
Ian Harrison

Dust extinction in the intra-cluster environment

Jonathan Davies
Chris Fuller

Optical Properties of colloidal semiconductor nano-platelets

Wolfgang Langbein
Francesco Masia


Mapping travel patterns of students and staff in the 2012 Cardiff University Travel Survey

Dimitris Potoglou
Scott Orford

Valuing a wave: using mixed methods to calculate the social and economic value of coastal surfing resources

Jon Anderson


Participants perspective of student-led community engagement

Andrea Frank
Louie Sieh


Comparing the environmental impacts of major sporting events in the UK

Andrea Collins
Max Munday

Planning/Social Sciences

University Tea Clubs: An investigation into relational economic spaces in higher education

Alastair Smith
Jessica Paddock


The role of journal press releases in shaping biomedical news reporting

Chris Chambers
Petroc Sumner

Investigating the spatiotemporal expression profile of the novel autism candidate gene Dgat216 in mouse

William Davies

Behavioural Genetics

David Linden

Diet, attainment and behaviour

Andrew Smith

The Research Practice Interface: The Study of experiences of young homeless people (SEHYoPE) and its knowledge transfer potential.

Katharine Shelton

Social Sciences

Cardiff University Campus Living Wage Project

Stuart Tannock
Dawn Mannay

The Role of Social Capital in Refugee Integration

Sin Yi Cheung

University Challenge: How can we foster successful learning journeys for non-traditional students in a School of Social Science?

Dawn Mannay

Getting the most from research evidence and innovation: Knowledge transfer and exchange in healthcare settings.

Alison Bullock
Emma Barnes

Curriculum Innovation: Embedding Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences

Luke Sloan
Malcolm Williams

Children’s exposure to smoking in cars

Jo Holliday
Graham Moore

Social Science/Medicine

We need to talk about Frank”: What are young people’s views on using peer opinion leaders to deliver Talk to Frank drugs education in schools?

Adam Fletcher
James White

Social Sciences/Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education

How do trainee doctors use their own smart phones to access information?

Alison Bullock
Mark Stacey

Welsh/Computer Science

Rules based automatic English-Welsh translation

Jeremy Evas
Peter Burnap