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Summer 2008

CUROP Poster Session



A study of leaching effects in Au-Pd bimettalic catalysts for hydrogen peroxide synthesis

Dr Albert Carley


Engineering stem cells into tissues: new treatments in regenerative medicine

Dr Mark Bagley

Earth Sciences

Landslide Monitoring in South Wales

Dr Peter Brabham


Development of a 3D multi-body dynamics model of an infant neck for the investigation of the biomechanics of ‘Shaken baby Syndrome’

Dr Michael Jones

Developing an experimental apparatus to quantify non-linear impacts to the infant head

Dr Peter Theobald

Feasibility study into the use of carbon fibre for small scale vehicle manufacture

Prof Karen Holford

English, Communication and Philosophy

Verbal context to images in an illustration database

Prof David Skilton


Public attitudes to the enforcement of contact between children and non-resident parents

Prof Gillian Douglas


Analysis of cervical cytology specimens classified as dyskaryotic but Human Papillomavirus negative

Dr Sam Hibbitts


Volumetric multiple wavelength ultrahigh resolution imaging in animal models of the retina

Dr Boris Povazay

Three dimensional ultrahigh resolution imaging of the living human retina – quantification of intraretinal layers

Prof Wolfgang Drexler


The role of zinc transporter ZIP7 in tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer

Dr Kathryn Taylor

Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education

Decisions on destinations in medicine of undergraduates and foundation trainees: implications for workforce planning in Wales

Dr Stephen Brigley


Top-down control of crossmodal attention and its effects on sensory processing

Dr Jane Klemen

Social Sciences

Realising professionalism: an exploration of GPs understandings and experiences of professional practice and modernisation in Wales

Dr Sara MacBride-Stewart