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Summer 2009

CUROP Poster and Supervisor



The effect of the valproic acid analogue VLR on development and gene expression in Dictyostelium and HEK 293

Prof Adrian Harwood

Using in situ hybridizaton to investigate the effect of dietary DHA on brain inflammation in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s

Prof Bruce Caterson

Role of calcium sensing receptor in mammalian lung development

Prof Paul Kemp


The stability, reactivity and dispersion of heteropolyacids on oxide surfaces

Dr Philp Davies

Synthetic biology using an expanded genetic code

Dr Eric Tippmann


Assessment of ENGIN scanning electron microscope for magnetic domain imaging

Dr Jeremy Hall

Microbiological alteration of the geotechnical properties of soils

Dr Michael Harbottle

The biomechanical performance of third generatoin sports surfaces

Dr Peter Theobald

An investigation into the wear of soft tissues

Dr Peter Theobald

Detection of damage during the buckling of composite aircraft panels

Prof Karen Holford

The use of acoustic emissions to determine fracture of paediatric bone

Dr Michael Jones

Exploring the consequence of rotation during head impacts

Prof Len Nokes

An epidemiological and biomechanical investigation of two-thumbed CPR

Dr Alison Kemp

European Studies

Migrating Images: representations of mobility and migratoin in francophone textual and visual cultures (1830 – present)

Dr Margaret Topping


MATHS diagnostic testing – an evaluation and statistical analysis

Dr Jonathan Gillard


Development of a new strategy for targeted delivery of therapeutic peptides into tumours

Dr Rossen Donev

Thyrotropin receptor activation modifies body composition by influencing expression of genes (e.g. NOV) implicated in lineage specific differentiation

Dr Marian Ludgate

Characterization of novel viral entry inhibitors using recombinant viruses expressing fluorescent tags and firefly luciferase

Dr Joachim Bugert

Gambia HPV 2009: Pilot/feasibility study to characterise HPV infection in cervicqal smears from women in Gambia

Dr Sam Hibbitts


Microscopic analysis of the centrifugal visual pathways

Dr Jonathan Erichsen


AExamination of the functional role of ZIP7 phosphorylation in breast cancer

Dr Kathryn Taylor

Investigation of the role of Rab7b protein in multi-drug resistant cancer cells

Dr Arwyn Jones

Religious and Theological Studies

The History of Migration and Settlement of Muslims in South Wales: An Exploration of Newport and Swansea

Dr Jody Mellor