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Summer 2010

CUROP Student with Poster



Probing the niche of articular cartilage progenitor cells

Prof Charlie Archer


Assessing corporate tax reforms

Dr Vito Polito


Electrolytic and electophoretic deposition of composite oxide films

Dr Philip Davies

Earth Sciences

Unravelling the climate puzzle

Dr Caroline Lear

Late Quarternary diatom assemblage

Dr Jennifer Pike


Investigating the 4D strain during bone fracture

Dr Peter Theobald

Soil composition…soccer pitches

Prof Len Nokes

Brain injury/cycle helmets

Dr Michael Jones

Mechanical and stress analysis monitoring of a trebuchet weapon

Dr Rhys Pullin

Using waste material for a sustainable future – in collaboration with Indian Institute of Science

Prof Hywel Thomas

Development and implementation of new technologies in an interdisciplinary environment using micro-controllers

Dr Roger Philp


Building a Database of Items of Historical Interest in the HTV Wales Archive

Dr Stephanie Ward

Journalism and Media

The Daniel Meadows Archive

Dr Daniel Meadows

Advertising, quality of life and the environment

Prof Justin Lewis


A discrete event simulation of patient choice

Dr Vincent Knight

Measuring the effectiveness of a maths support service

Dr Rob Wilson


Investigating the regulation and consequence of a differentially spliced variant of a PBEF protein

Dr Mari Nowell

Professionalism dilemmas: Survey

Dr Lynne Monrouxe

Killing of human cancer cells by T-cells

Dr Stephen Man

Investigating the ability of pulmonary surfactant to alter serine protease activity in lung disease

Dr Eamon McGreal

Investigating the occurrence of long bones fractures in infants

Prof Alison Kemp

Range of motion of the paediatric cervical spine

Prof Alison Kemp


Professionalism dilemmas: Narratives

Dr Lynne Monrouxe


Structural changes of the ageing human optic nerve head

Dr Julie Albon


Coherent Antistokes Raman Scattering Microspectroscopy

Professor Wolfgang Langbein

Nonlinear diffusion of dipole-orientated indirect excitons

Prof Alex Ivanov

Dual wavelength InP quantum dot lasers

Prof Peter Smowton

Resonant states in open electromagnetic systems

Dr Egor Muljarov

Conductivity of single molecules

Dr Martin Elliott

A multiplexed electronic readout system for kinetic inductance detectors

Dr Enzo Pascale

Extra-solar planet searches

Prof Derek Ward-Thompson

Correlating Galactic far-infrared emission with atomic hydrogen

Dr Jonathan Davies


Cognitive control and dynamic updating of behaviour

Dr Chris Chambers

Need for affect, need for cognition, and information processing

Dr Geoff Haddock

Social Sciences

Developing knowledge transfer and user engagement in the ‘men-as-fathers’ research project

Dr Carrie Coltart