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Summer 2011


Immunological responses to dual infection challenges in insect hosts

Dr Joanne Lello
Dr Joanne Cable

Structure of the dawn chorus in tropical and temperate bird communities

Dr Rob Thomas
Dr Alexandra Pollard

Evidence Based Admissions: The Impact of Qualification Type on Academic Performance in Higher Education

Dr Andrew Shore

Fish behaviour and parasite transmission across thermal clines

Dr Joanne Cable

Whole genome chromosome structure mapping in higher plants

Dr Nicholas Kent
Prof Jim Murray


Globalisation and the Reshaping of National Innovation Systems in East Asia; The Case of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dr Maki Umemura


Towards a detailed mechanistic understanding of small heat-shock chaperone proteins

Dr Peter Griffiths

Computer Science and Informatics

Augmenting Conversation with Speech Invoked Search Results

Dr Ian Cooper
Mr Martin Chorley

Constructing 3D Photonic Crystal Models from Scanning Electron Microscope Images for Photonic Device Simulations

Dr Frank Langbein

Tracking the Development of Lipids in 4D Data Sets

Dr Jonathan Quinn

Computer Science and Informatics/Humanities

Crowd Sourcing for the humanities: a DMVI case study

Prof Omer Rana
Dr Julia Thomas


Identification of immunosuppressive factor(s) produced by oral progenitor cells

Prof Phil Stephens

Earth Sciences

Geo-environmental Investigations on Flat Holm Island

Dr Peter Brabham

Plumbing the plumbing of underwater volcanoes

Prof Christopher MacLeod

Understanding soil moisture controls on the root reinforcement of landslides

Dr Tristram Hales

Controls on river migration and their implications for the development of riparian habitat along the River Towy of Wales

Dr Jose Antonio Constantine

State of the Severn Estuary Reporting

Dr Rhoda Ballinger

English, Communication and Philosophy

Bringing the Archive Alive

Prof Chris Weedon
Dr Glenn Jordan

Marginalia in the Cardiff Rare Books Collection

Dr Melanie Bigold
Peter Keelan

Experimental Philosophy Data Repository: Feasibility Study and Funding Bid Preparation

Dr Jonathan Webber


Application of high-resolution imaging techniques in hydro-environmental laboratory research

Dr William Rauen
Prof Roger Falconer

Source Characterisation of Damage Signatures in Composite Structures

Prof Karen Holford
Dr Mark Eaton

Using guided, Radio Frequency energy to remotely power acoustic emission sensor nodes for use in aerospace structures

Dr Jonathan Lees
Prof Steven Cripps

Development of MATLAB damage location techniques for use with a wireless acoustic emission sensor node for aerospace structures

Dr Rhys Pullin
Dr Jonathan Lees

The biomechanical performance of third generation sports surfaces

Dr Peter Theobald

Use of image analysis techniques to measure plant growth

Dr Peter Cleall
Dr Michael Harbottle

What is the best way to teach cervical spine collar application?

Dr Gemma Whatling
Dr Cathy Holt

Manufacturing and commissioning of a prototype tidal stream turbine

Dr Carl Byrne
Dr Daphne O’Doherty


Magnetoreception in Animals

Dr Turgot Meydan
Dr Jon Erichsen

Journalism and Media

Analysis of Media Coverage of the Economy

Prof Justin Lewis


Miscarriages of Justice Welsh Lawyer Survey

Julie Price

Innocence Project: Electronic Case Management Tailored Training Materials Project

Dr Dennis Eady

Pro Bono Scheme: NHS Continuing Healthcare Teaching Review

Pat Brand


Educational scaffolding at the bedside: an exploration of the educational structure and content of feedback from clinician to student

Dr Andrew Grant

Measuring genome-wide DNA repair capacity in individuals with non-synonymous SNPs in their nucleotide excision repair genes.

Dr Simon Reed

The role of adenosine and its receptors in musculoskeletal disease

Dr Bronwen Evans

Mechanotransduction of PBEF/NAMPT/visfatin in synovial fibroblast

Dr Mari Nowell

Regulatory CD8 T cells in type 1 diabetes

Prof F. Susan Wong
Prof Colin Dayan


Evaluation of ocular surface temperature and novel treatments of meibomian gland dysfunction; blephasteam and eyebag

Dr Katherine Evans
Dr Christine Purslow

Exploring the relationship between brain activity and the oscillatory eye movements of infantile nystagmus: A possible basis for therapy

Dr Jon Erichsen
Prof Edward Wilding


The Analysis of 5-Iodi-2-aminoindane (5IAI) in Internet “Legal High” products

Dr Andrew Westwell
Dr Andrea Brancale

Analysing the cell uptake of nanomedicines targeting Tuberculosis in human macrophages

Dr Arwyn Jones

The functional relevance of PICALM in the processing of amyloid precursor protein

Dr Emma Kidd
Dr Rhian Thomas

Synthesis of novel anti-CHIKV compounds

Dr Andrea Brancale

Design and synthesis of novel MetRS inhibitors as potential Clostridium difficiletherapeutics

Dr Claire Simons


Can training in motor inhibition influence eating behaviour

Dr Chris Chambers
Dr Natalia Lawrence

Social Sciences/Computer Science

Automating Sentiment Analysis from Social Data

Dr William Housley
Prof Omer Rana

Social Sciences/Medicine

iDoc Trainee doctors use of mobile technology in the workplace

Prof Alison Bullock
Dr Mark Stacey