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Supporting eCPD


There is a stream of support available to develop online learning components for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and provide general support in the set-up and electronic/blended delivery of CPD. Proposals will not be for direct funds for projects, but instead will bid for the time of the eTraining Developer to help develop, or improve, current eCPD aspects.

Proposals are invited from anyone delivering CPD opportunities within Cardiff University (usually a module/course that relates strongly to a specific profession and/or specific employer, and involves part-time students). This is a competitive bidding process and proposals must be developed in partnership with the eTraining Developer, Catherine Emmett with assistance from the Professional Development Team. Please contact Catherine and she will be happy to come and talk with you about your ideas.

Suggestions for projects or developments could include (but are not limited to):

To have a better understanding of what might be achievable for your project, there is a Learning Central Module ‘eCPD Demo’ available; if you are currently a member of the CPD Network, you should be able to see this under My Modules when you log into Learning Central. Please contact Catherine if you do not see it, and would like access.