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Quality of the learning experience in the internationalised classroom

The research project aims to define the elements characterising quality learning in mixed, internationalised classrooms and to assess current teaching and learning carried out in CU school with the aim of improving learning in a setting incorporating innovative and transformative values. It uses a critical constructivist approach (as in Kincheloe, 2005) aiming to understand the role of values in the formal and the hidden curriculum and their influence on teaching practice; it is inspired by action research (Lewin, 1946) and reflective practitioners’ (Schoen, 1983) principles; and it draws on Robson’s view of internationalisation as a transformative agenda (2011) and Mezirow’s transformative learning theory (1981, 1997, 2000).

The project is based on a critical review of mainstream teaching guidance literature and gathers, compares and analyses primary data from students’ focus groups, participant observations, review of current modules contents and teaching modes.

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