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‘You have a new life for every new language you speak’: exploring second language learning experiences

Cardiff University’s ‘The Way Forward’ strategy has set a 17% target for outward international student mobility by 2017. Our group project aimed, at School level, to survey existing and planned student transnational mobility. We conducted a detailed analysis of existing surveys and reports (Cardiff Schools and departments, HESA, British Council, European Commission…) and used the outcomes to create and administer a linked survey to selected Cardiff School staff and students. Our report synthesises the extensive resources available to support transnational mobility produced by other UKHEIs, maps existing and planned local practices, and student preferences. The report recognises the plethora of activity going on in Cardiff, but suggests that a disjointed approach will overwhelm academic staff and miss opportunities for cross school streamlining of innovations and processes. Better communication with the CU Global Opportunities Centre is recommended.

Alexandra Llewelyn (CLAWS)
Muriel Renaudin (CLAWS)
Agustin Valera Medina (ENGIN)
Angela Mihai (MATHS)