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Inclusive Curriculum Working Group


The Inclusive Curriculum Working Group oversees the Inclusive Curriculum Project, which aims to support academic schools in reviewing the inclusivity and accessibility of their practises in learning, teaching and assessment, and in implementing an action plan to promote equality. The group reports to the Equality and Diversity Committee and the Academic Standards and Quality Committee.


Chair: Professor Patricia Price, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Student Experience and Academic Standards
Secretary:  Inclusive Curriculum Officer (Education Team)

Academic Schools

Todd Bailey (Psychology)
Janet Macdonald (Postgrad Medical and Dental Education)
Kamila Hawthorne/Elspeth Webb (Medicine)
Abyd Quinn Aziz (Social Sciences)
Luiz Kawashita (Engineering)
Louise Gray (Lifelong Learning)


Full-time (sabbatical) officers:
Education & University Affairs Officer

Part-time officers (as appropriate):
Students with Disabilities Officer
International Students’ Officer
Postgraduate Students’ Officer
Women’s Officer
LGBT+ Officer
Mature Students’ Officer

University Professional Services

Christine Werrell – Disability and Dyslexia Service Manager
Clare Kell – PCUTL Programme Manager
Karen T Moore – Quality Team, Registry
Catrin Morgan – Equality & Diversity Compliance Manager
Isabella Santamaria – Equality & Diversity Manager (Human Resources)
Erica Swain – Library Services
Helen Evans – International Development Division
Mandy Jones – Careers Service


For further information on the Working Group, please Email:

Page last updated: 30 September 2013