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What is the National Student Survey?
The NSS is an annual survey of over 400,000 students from all Universities and Further Education colleges across the UK. It has been run for the past 10 years – and it is an increasingly important measure of the quality of your courses.  The NSS is your opportunity to feedback about the experience you’ve had at Cardiff University.

Who runs the survey?
The survey is run independently by Texunatech, a company who are commissioned by the Higher Education Funding Council.

Why should I complete the survey?
Your views will inform future students about your course, as the survey data is made publicly available on the Government’s Unistats website, which allows prospective students to compare data about different Universities. The NSS results are also widely reported in the national media.

We also really value your feedback and use it within the University to develop student experiences here and make improvements to your course and your School(s).  Your feedback provides us with a clear picture of what the learning experience was like for someone completing their course in 2015, so we can see how the student experience is developing.

You can find out about some of the recent improvements that we made following feedback from the survey on this page: Why your opinion matters.

Will my answers be anonymous?
All of your answers will be anonymous and you will not be able to be identified from the answers you give. While you will need to input your student number before filling out the survey, this data is collected by Texunatech to make sure that only eligible students fill out the survey. The information Texunatech returns to Cardiff Uni only identifies your responses according to your school(s). There are also further safeguards to anonymise the information of joint-honours students.

What questions will I be asked?
The survey asks you to agree or disagree with statements about the quality of teaching on your course, assessment and feedback, the academic support you received, the way the course was organised, the learning resources available to you, your own personal development, and your overall satisfaction.

You will be asked to rate the statements using a five-point scale from strongly agree (5) to strongly disagree (1).  Published data often then combines the strongly agree (5) and mostly agree (4) scores to give an indication of overall student satisfaction with that question. You should rate your overall experience on the whole of your course, not just in the last few weeks.
Click here to fill out the NSS.
There are also three optional free-text questions, where you can offer more detailed feedback about the positives and negatives of your course, and ways in which it could be improved.

Anything else?

If you have any other questions not answered above, please leave a comment below or drop us a line on twitter: @CU_StudentVoice.

I weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg cliciwch yma.