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Strategies to improve Feedback

Consultation with Schools has shown that there are already many effective practices of feedback taking place within the University on a local level.

The pages below provide advice, links to external studies, and links to examples of effective practice that have been identified locally.  Further details can be obtained by contacting these staff directly.

The pages have been designed to provide a time-friendly starting point for staff who are seeking to improve their practice in this area.  They are based on the Enhancing Feedback site developed at the University of Edinburgh.  Any comments or ideas on how this resource could be developed further should be emailed to Andy Lloyd in Registry.

These pages are based on the ‘Enhancing Feedback’ website, written and compiled at the University of Edinburgh by Dai Hounsell and Jenny Hounsell with the assistance of Chun Ming Tai, whose permission to use it is gratefully acknowledged.  The resources it links to will be further developed over time.  Any suggestions to enhance or add resources to the website should be sent to Andy Lloyd (