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Case Studies

This collection of sites offers case studies to describe the local implementation of approaches similar in ethos to PRLT.

Nottingham uses a learning set approach within a process called ‘Shadowing Professional Practice’.

Focussing on peer observation of teaching, this Oxford Brookes Library Service paper implemented the Gosling model in a pan-university triad process.

This comprehensive paper that explores how an approach, based upon a Scholarly Dialogue Model, benefits the School where it was created. The case study explores the strengths and weaknesses of the process against the commonly quoted constraints of time, power and bureaucracy.

LJMU Peer Review

A useful table comparing the strengths and limitations of approaches to grouping staff for PRLT:

Pairs within teams/subject groupings – self-selected

Pairs within teams/subject grouping – selected by another

Peer triads/clusters

Table also describes: Teaching Process Recall (use of video) and the Bristol’s Scholarly Dialogue Model.