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Data Collection Tools

Data Collection Tools

Cardiff PRLT encourages participants to engage in scholarly, peer-assisted reflection across the breadth of their teaching/learning support practice. The documents offered here act as discussion ideas only in recognition of the unique data collection needs of each PRLT dialogue. Appropriate external examples are also given.

Sample Proforma:

Self-Evaluation for Reviewee

Self-Evaluation for Reviewer

Cycle Completion Form

Module Review COMSC

Module Review MATHS

ProDAIT Bases their discussion of tool development and selection upon a comparison with research methodologies.

Warwick’s Timeline Proforma is an essentially blank form that enables participants to collect the type of data that is relevant to their specific needs. The guide suggests that participants map learner: teacher activity across 5 minute blocks. Ensuing discussions may explore that activity, movement of the learners towards the learning outcomes, balance of power issues etc.

Imperial ‘s Five Observation Proforma is a selection of five proforma covering the observation of lectures, group-based learning and laboratory teaching and reflection on supervision and clinical teaching.