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Facilitating Reflective Practice

Drawing extensively on the work of Boud and Walker (2002), this  Cardiff paper outlines some of the issues surrounding the facilitation of reflective practice in others and possible solutions that may be useful at both the individual and School/Directorate level.

Offers some guidance to self- and peer-assisted reflective practice on learning and teaching.

Physiotherapy (SOHCS) has developed a reflective practice guide summarising common models of reflective practice.

Atkins and Murphy’s Cycle of Reflection

Fish & Twinn-Using Strands of Reflection

Gibbs cycle for Structured Debriefing

Johns model of reflective practice

A structired reflection based on Kolb’s cycle

Reflective Practice Cycles  have been adapted to suit a PRLT process within Cardiff University. The facilitator fosters reflective practice through a dialogue based upon asking open questions.