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Postgraduate Frequently Asked Questions

New Award Rules for Taught Postgraduate Programmes

Changes to the award rules that will be used to calculate your degree.


The University, in consultation with  the Students’ Union, has undertaken an extensive review of the awards rules for its degree programmes in order to bring about greater transparency and consistency. The new rules will come into effect in October 2012 and affect all students starting postgraduate programmes, in September 2012.

The following Frequently Asked Questions seek to provide full information for students and should be read alongside their programme and school handbooks.


Why are new award rules being introduced?

The rules by which degree outcomes are arrived at that have operated previously have been different depending on the programme you have studied.  Consequently, it has not always been clear to students how their final award is arrived at.  The new award rules aim to ensure that there is greater consistency across the University and that the ways in which degrees are calculated are understood by all.


What do the new award rules include?

The new award rules include details of how:


When are the changes being introduced?

The new award rules will come into operation across all relevant programmes in session 2012/13.  Progression and award decisions will be made using the new rules for all assessments due to be submitted after 1st October 2012.


Do the new award rules apply to all programmes?

The new award rules apply to all students on modular programmes, including students who began, but have not yet completed, the taught element of their programme prior to October 2012.


My programme is not modular.  Do the new award rules apply to me?

No.  The new award rules do not apply to non-modular programmes.  Details of the ways in which awards will be made in non-modular programme will be provided to students through handbooks etc. as normal, and will include details of how students may qualify for a ‘Merit’.


I’m a part-time student.  How will the new award rules affect me?

Part-time students will have their degree calculated using the new award rules, unless they have sucessfully completed the taught component.  This will allow most students graduating in session 2012/13 to receive a ‘Merit’ should they meet the criteria for this.


Where can I find more details of the new rules?

Details of the new rules can be found here:  Award Rules For Taught Modular Postgraduate Programmes