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1. The Code of Practice for Research Degrees sets out the University’s requirements for the management of its research degree programmes.  It describes the principles by which the University requires Schools to manage and support their research students, and sets out an institutional framework within which more detailed local arrangements can operate.

2. The Code references and complements relevant Senate Regulations of Cardiff University: together, their role is to maintain the quality and academic standards of the University’s research degree programmes.

3. The Code is also designed to provide clear and useful information for students and staff, and makes reference to relevant policies, procedures and services. It is structured to guide students and staff through the University’s requirements for research degrees.

4. The Code has been refreshed during 2013 with particular reference to Chapter B11 of the Quality Assurance Agency’s UK Quality Code (issued in 2012).

5. The provisions of this Code apply to all students registered on research degree programmes leading to an award of Cardiff University, including those studying part-time or for periods away from the University, and those studying for specialist doctoral degrees, such as the EngD and MD, but with the following exceptions and caveats:

.1 For professional doctorate programmes that comprise component(s) of directed learning and/or professional or clinical practice as well as independent research, Schools are required to consider how best to match the provisions of the Code to the particular stages or components of the programme, and how the Code integrates with Senate Assessment Regulations for Taught Programmes.

.2 The Code includes references to MRes programmes, and is intended to provide MRes students with an understanding of the context in which research study is undertaken, but the requirements set down in the Code are superseded by Senate Regulations for the Award of the Degree of MRes (Master of Research) and by the Programme Information appropriate to the MRes Programme.

.3 The Code applies to all students undertaking research degree programmes that are collaborative with other academic partners, unless there has been agreement to vary the Code’s provisions as part of a formal collaborative arrangement.

.4 The Code does not apply to those candidates permitted to present work in consideration for PhD by Published Works or Senior Doctorates.

6. The Code includes specific reference to the requirements for managing research students registered on Integrated Doctoral Programmes.

7. The term ‘student’ is used throughout: for the purposes of this Code it also includes members of staff who are registered for research degree awards of Cardiff University.

8. Where the term ‘supervisor’ is used this should be taken to mean the main supervisor who is the primary point of contact for the student.