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Approving new programmes

Cardiff University has created its own formal processes and procedures for designing and approving programmes and the following pages will help to guide you through the process.

In addition to approving completely new programmes, we also use these processes to approve changes to existing programmes.  The actual procedure which will be used depends on the size and scope of the change envisioned.  For further information on deciding whether a change i s‘minor’, ‘intermediate’ or  ‘major’  please refer to the following guidance.

Programme Approval Process Guidance

The general process for the approval of new programmes is illustrated in the following flowchart, Sequence of events for the approval of new programmes. For further, detailed guidance on the programme approval procedure, please refer to the Programme Approval Handbook:

Download: Programme Approval & Maintenance Handbook Oct 2013

The documents needed for the Programme Approval process are available on the Programme Approval Documentation and Further Guidance page, however please contact Registry and Academic Services in the first instance, who will be able to advise you specifically on the documentation that is relevant to your programme.

If the proposal involves collaboration with another institution please also visit the Provision with Others (Collaborative Provision) web pages.

If you are looking for detailed guidance on the Nature and Volume of Assessment, Design and Structure of Taught Programmes and Award Rules, please visit the Assessment pages on this site.

Schools should contact Registry and Academic Services as early as possible for advice on the approval process.


Quality and Standards TeamRegistry and Academic Services

For advice on the approval of new programmes and significant changes to existing programmes:


Page last updated: 15 January 2015