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Approving new programmes

Cardiff University has a formal process and procedure for the design and approval of new programmes and this page will give you access to the relevant forms and documentation that you will need to complete.

The approval process is set out in the Programme Approval Policy Framework, approved by Academic Standards and Quality Committee, and general guidance is available in the Programme Approval Guidance Handbook. Please consult these documents before completing any of the documentation below. Schools are advised to contact their College Quality Officer at the earliest opportunity in the process for bespoke advice.


Stage 1 – Strategic Approval Documentation

Preliminary Enquiry Form with Market Information
Preliminary Enquiry Form with Market Information – Cymraeg

Stage 2 – Academic Approval Documentation

Following Strategic Approval, School’s will need to complete the following programme information in time for the Academic Approval Event:

Programme Specifications

UG Programme Specification
UG Programme Specification – Cymraeg
HE Cert Programme Specification
HE Cert Programme Specification – Cymraeg
HE Diploma Programme Specification
HE Diploma Programme Specification – Cymraeg
PGT Programme Specification
PGT Programme Specification – Cymraeg
PG Cert Programme Specification
PG Cert Programme Specification – Cymraeg
PG Diploma Programme Specification
PG Diploma Programme Specification – Cymraeg

Programme Description
Programme Description Template
Programme Description Template – Cymraeg

Module Descriptions
Module Description Template (English Version)
Module Description Template (Welsh Version)

Learning Outcomes Mapping
Learning Outcomes Mapping Form
Learning Outcomes Mapping Form – Cymraeg

Assessment Mapping
Assessment Mapping Form
Assessment Mapping Form – Cymraeg

Detailed Resources Form
Detailed Resources Form
Detailed Resource Form – Cymraeg

Student Handbook
Generic Student Handbook Text_2015_modular UG
Generic Student Handbook Text_2015_modular UG_Final_cymraeg
Generic Student Handbook Text_2015_non modular UG
Generic Student Handbook Text_2015_nonmodular UG_cymraeg
Generic Student Handbook Text 2015 (PGT)
Generic Student Handbook Text 2015 (PGT) (Cymraeg)

Draft PIMS Form (standard and non-standard programmes)
SIMS Core Proposed Programme Information Template (Cymraeg)
SIMS Module Diet Planning Template
SIMS Module Diet Planning Template (Cymraeg)

Critical Friend report
External Critical Friend Report
External Critical Friend Report – Cymraeg

Any reports from statutory, professional, accreditation or other external bodies
Where appropriate

Evidence of student consultation
This could take a number of forms but must be more than a selection of student-staff panel minutes

Programmes including elements of Collaborative Provision

If you are developing a programme which will include elements of Collaborative Provision, please note that you will also need to complete the relevant documentation available on the Collaborative Provision Documentation page.

QAA Subject Benchmark Statements

The Qualifications Framework

Characteristics Statements

Doctoral Degrees (Updated August 2016)

Master’s Degrees (updated August 2016)


Quality and Standards TeamRegistry and Academic Services


Page last updated: 17th November 2015