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Discontinuing a programme

An existing programme of study may be discontinued by the Academic Standard and Quality Committee on the recommendation of a Head(s) of School acting on the advice of appropriate Board(s) of Studies and School Board(s).

A recommendation for the discontinuation of a programme of study shall specify the following:

  1. The effective date, in terms of the student intake for a particular session;
  2. The reasons for the proposed discontinuation;
  3. A statement describing what action is to be taken in respect of any applicants holding offers of admission for the programme;
  4. A statement describing what action (if any) is to be taken in respect of the current cohort of students progressing through the programme.  Schools should take action to ensure that students currently on the programme receive a comparable student experience to any previous cohorts.

Where there are one or more candidates holding formal offers of admission to a programme of study, any recommendation for the discontinuation of such a programme shall normally have been given final approval by the Academic Standards and Quality Committee at least six months prior to the proposed date of implementation.

Any subsequent proposal for the re-introduction of a programme which has been discontinued shall be in accordance with the normal procedures for the introduction and validation of new programmes of study as set out in Section 1 of the Programme Approval Handbook.

With any discontinuation of a programme, it is the responsibility of the School to undertake the Equality Impact Assessment. Please see link for full details and a toolkit:


Quality and Standards Team, Registry and Academic Services 

For advice on the approval of new programmes and significant changes to existing programmes:


Student Records Team, Registry and Academic Services

For support with making minor amendments to existing programmes of study, setting the intake of a programme to zero, or discontinuing a programme please contact:



Page last updated: 15 January 2015