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Provision with Others (Collaborative Provision)


‘Collaborative provision’ describes where any learning opportunities leading or contributing to the award of academic credit or a qualification are delivered, assessed or supported through an arrangement with one or more organisations other than the degree-awarding body. As such it is known as ‘managing higher education provision with others’ in the UK Quality Code for Higher Education. The critical factor is whether the achievement of the learning outcomes for the module or programme is dependent on the arrangement made with the other delivery or support organisation.  If you have any questions about whether your programme is collaborative provision or not, or are not sure which type of collaborative provision it is, please contact the Registry for help.

In approving and maintaining standard degree programmes that run at Cardiff University we can be confident that the facilities, resources, and support systems are already in place.  In collaborative provision we have to examine and assess all these issues to ensure that the students will have an equivalent learning experience to our locally-based students.  All our students are equally important whether they are part of a large group, or part of a small cohort, whether they are far away or on our doorstep.  This is why we have to take extra measures in assuring the quality of collaborative provision.

For detailed guidance on Collaborative Provision arrangements at Cardiff please refer to the Collaborative Provision Policy Framework endorsed by ASQC in its December 2013 meeting:

Download: Cardiff University Collaborative Provision Policy Framework PDF


Schools who are considering the development of a proposal for collaborative provision should contact the following at the earliest possible opportunity prior to developing a formalised relationship with a potential partner:

For proposed collaborative arrangements with partners in the UK (including Exchange/ Progression/ Articulation/ Admissions Agreements) and those involving the development of new programmes please contact Registry and Academic Services in the first instance:

Geoff Evans
Registry Officer (Quality and Standards)

Phone: 029 208 79218
Extension: 79218

For proposed collaborative arrangements with international partners (including Exchange/ Progression/ Articulation/ Admissions Agreements and research collaboration) please contact the Communications and International Relations Division:

Bethan Caines
International Partnerships Officer

Phone: 029 208 76448
Extension: 76448


Detailed processes and forms are available below:

1. Programme delivered in collaboration with a partner
- Initiation to Approval
Initiation Narrative with flow diagrams
Initial Concept Form (CP1)
Business Case and Appendices (CP2a)
Due Diligence Checklist (CP2b)
- Moderator Form
Moderator Report Form
- Review and Re-approval
Review Narrative with flow diagrams
Initial Concept Form (CP1-R)
Business Case and Appendices (CP2a-R)
Due Diligence Checklist (CP2b-R)

2. Erasmus Inter-Institution Agreement
Erasmus Narrative with flow diagrams
Erasmus New Agreement Application Form

3. Student Exchange/Study Abroad
Exchanges Narrative with flow diagrams
International Exchange Application Form Template

4. Student Placement
Placements Narrative with flow diagrams
Placement Proposal

5. Collaborative Supervision of Research Degrees
Collaborative Supervision Narrative with flow diagrams
Collaborative Supervision Form

6. Progression Agreements
Progression Agreement Process
Progression (new) Proposal Form Template
Renewal Progression Agreement Process
Progression (renewal) Proposal Form Template

If you are involved in a Cardiff University course delivered by a collaborative partner and have concerns relating to the delivery of the programme, you can feedback on any issues via our Incident Report Form.

Page last updated: 13 November 2014