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Assessment and feedback

7.1   Schools must provide students with a written statement which details:

This will be included in the module description and may also be reproduced in student placement handbooks.

7.2   Schools must ensure that placements are assessed through a variety of means, in order that reliable and valid judgements are reached on the achievement of the intended learning outcomes. These may include assessments undertaken while on placement and assessments undertaken on return from placements. All assessment tasks must relate clearly to the intended learning outcomes specified for that placement. Simple certification of attendance is not sufficient for the award of credit.

7.3   Schools should provide opportunities for students to record their learning, reflect on their experience and plan their further development. This can take a number of different forms but is commonly a running log of activity, countersigned by the placement provider. Online portfolios are also a useful tool for supporting student reflection and planning[1]. It is good practice for this to form part of the placement’s assessment.

7.4   The document Academic Feedback to Students: Policy and Guidance provides the context for the provision of academic feedback for Cardiff staff and students. The policy is based upon the following principles:

Staff involved in placement learning have a responsibility to meet the principles set out in the policy and take appropriate note of the guidance it contains.

7.5   Feedback on formative assessment is an important means by which students can monitor their learning and be guided on their further development. Schools should seek to strike a balance between formative and summative assessment which allows this to take place. This can often be achieved through a reduction in the volume of summative assessment.

7.6   If employees of the placement provider are to contribute to the assessment of students’ placement learning they must be competent to discharge this responsibility. It will be necessary to provide training to ensure that this role is carried out effectively. The School is required to maintain oversight of all those who are involved in the assessment of students, including moderation and the participation of assessors in decisions about credit and awards.

[1] Contact the Education Team at for further information on development planning tools.