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Contact between the School, students and the placement host

4.6       Contact between the School, students and the placement host

Schools must ensure that the progress and engagement of students on placement (both academic and pastoral) is monitored throughout the placement period and students and staff should maintain regular contact.

Electronic tools can be of particular value when communicating with students away from the University and placement co-ordinators are encouraged to explore how technologies can be used effectively to support learning. There are a range of these tools available to Cardiff University staff and students including the communication and collaborative functions of Learning Central, videoconferencing and messaging (such as Skype), and mobile applications.

For placements of significant length, structured visits from academic staff will be required. Visits permit a broad-based evaluation of the placement and the student’s progress; they can ensure that the placement is progressing in a satisfactory manner, address any issues that have arisen and provide feedback.

The number of visits to students on placement may vary, though, for a year-long placement, it is usual to make at least two visits. These should be scheduled well in advance, allow time for discussion with both the student and the placement supervisor and be at least in part focussed on prepared written work, for example, a student’s reflective log. The first visit should take place in the early stages of the placement period to confirm the suitability of arrangements. All visits should be documented.