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Health and safety

4.1       Health and Safety

At Cardiff, the de facto standard for the management of health and safety for placements is the UCEA Health and Safety Guidance for the Placement of Higher Education students. All those involved in the provision on placements should become familiar with this document.[1]

UCEA guidance encourages a risk-based and risk management approach which allows a lighter touch on placements with relatively low risks and more rigorous control measures where the risks are greater. Where there are low risks in a particular area, no specific actions are likely to be required. Where there may be high risks attached to aspects of the placement, additional documentation, training or support may be necessary. Appendix A of the UCEA guidance provides a full breakdown of risk profiling and possible risk-reducing actions.

A risk assessment form must be completed for each placement. The UCEA standard form and supporting information is given in Appendix B of its Guidance document, and an electronic version is available for use at Cardiff University as outlined in Appendix 1 of this Code of Practice.  Forms provided by professional and regulatory bodies should be used where required and may substitute the UCEA Risk Assessment Form provided there are no omissions or contraventions to the overarching principles of the UCEA documentation.



[1] UCEU Health and Safety Guidance for the placement of Higher Education Students.