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6.4   There is an Association of British Insurers (ABI) working agreement which states that any person who is completing work experience will automatically be covered as if they are an employee. Therefore, providing the host company has Employer’s Liability cover (compulsory for 90% of companies) a placement student will be considered an “employee” as per the 1969 Employer’s Liability Act and will therefore be covered. This agreement depends on the University fully discharging its responsibility to undertake a suitable assessment of the placement provider. It is therefore essential that the preliminary risk assessment is undertaken so that a reasonable degree of care can be shown to have been exercised in setting up the placement.

6.5   Where students are working under the supervision of an NHS employee while undertaking a clinical placement, they will be covered by NHS Indemnity.

6.6   Students are covered by Cardiff University’s travel insurance policy for placements abroad.