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4.2       Insurance

UK Placements

Confirming the insurance cover for students undertaking placement learning is an essential part of the preliminary risk assessment of a placement provider carried out by the School. As the placement host will be the party that has control over the working environment and supervision of the student, they have responsibilities to provide insurance covering those undertaking placements in their organisation.

For UK placements, there is an Association of British Insurers (ABI) working agreement which states that any person who is completing a placement will automatically be covered as if they are an employee and, for the great majority of host companies, Employer’s Liability cover will be compulsory. Notable exceptions include sole traders: should they act as placement hosts, they will need to put Employer’s Liability Insurance in place.

Where students are working under the supervision of an NHS employee while undertaking a clinical placement, they will be covered by NHS indemnity.

Students undertaking periods of placement learning within Cardiff University will be covered by the University’s Employer Liability Insurance.

Overseas Placements

If students are undertaking a period of placement learning overseas, the position becomes more complex and variable according to national contexts.

Students are protected for any incident for which they are held liable whilst on the host premises.

Students have overseas travel cover, including medical expenses, for the duration of the placement (outside the host premises). Students are covered for up to seven days holiday time before/during or after the end of the placement period. Students will require their own cover if they extend this time. This will have to be arranged before they depart from the UK.

Placement Co-ordinators will need to establish whether the host’s insurance covers liability for any injuries suffered by the students in the course of their role within the organisation. If the host does not have this then the student would be offered little or no compensation and be left having to use their own funds to pursue legal action should such injuries occur.

If an organisation does not have appropriate insurance in place, it is recommended that an alternative host should be found. The decision to approve a placement host should be taken by the School in the context of the University’s duty of care and with any risks discussed with the student.

For any queries relating to the insurance of placement students, please contact the Finance Division. The current contact for insurance matters is Stephen Blake: