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Programme design: before and after placements

3.2       Programme Design: Before and After Placements

Programmes should be designed to ensure that students taking up placements are fully equipped to achieve the designated learning outcomes. This may be accomplished through a combination of the following:

Returning to the University and academic study after a substantial placement can present its own challenges to students accustomed to full-time employment. Schools should seek to employ strategies that harness and maintain the enthusiasm, expertise and maturity of returning students while helping them re-orient to the demands of academic study. These may include utilising returning students as mentors to those about to undertake their own placements, presentation sessions, specific exploration of individual students’ experiences of transition back into study either within modules or with the support of personal tutors.

Returning to University

Returning to university was difficult. Adjusting to living on a student budget was only one of many difficulties. By the end of my placement my opinion was not only respected but often, especially with regard to the essay I was researching for my project, actively sought after. I was also trusted with responsibility and to organise my work myself. Returning to university felt like a backwards step as all that respect, trust and independence was effectively taken away. However after 2 or 3 months I had settled back in and now have the motivation to make my final year count because I know what I am working for…I think a lot of returning students were resentful of being treated like students straight out of second year and being constantly checked up on. A good example of this is with dissertations. I have to provide work to my tutor each week over a period of 6 weeks to prove that I am working on it despite having already proved last year that I could independently and competently complete a 6 month research project to the standard required by a large pharmaceutical company.

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