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Staff roles

4.4       Staff roles

The Head of School or their nominee should approve all placement arrangements. Schools must also have a nominated member of staff who acts as co-ordinator for all placement activity. All students should also be assigned to an academic member of staff who will be their primary point of contact at the University throughout their placement.

If placement agencies are used they become a fourth party in the partnership of students, academic staff and placement providers. It is essential that they are fully apprised of all aspects of the provision including the academic learning outcomes, any professional body requirements and any specific student needs. Functions, such as organising placements, may be delegated but universities cannot delegate their legal responsibilities. As examples, it remains the duty of the University to ensure that a proper risk assessment of the placement has taken place and that reasonable adjustments are in place for disabled students. The need for clarity of information and a shared understanding of roles and responsibilities is reinforced with the involvement of external placement agencies.