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Accreditation by Professional, Statutory & Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs)

Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) accreditation is a general term used to describe organisations which are authorised to accredit, approve or recognise specific programmes in the context of the requirements of the PSRB.

The aim of most accreditation activity is to satisfy an external Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) that learning and achievement by students at the University, as embodied in the teaching it carries out and the degrees it awards, meets national professional benchmarks.

The award of an accredited degree may allow a graduate to qualify for a particular type of employment and, in some cases, gain exemption from PSRB examinations.

The University therefore recognises accreditation of academic programmes by Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) as an important dimension of academic standards, providing an external reference point, and adding value in terms of employability.

23 of the University’s Schools work with over 80 PSRB’s as part of their work to ensure that professional standards and quality are maintained and that students gain the skills and knowledge required by employers.

A PSRB normally accredits a programme for a specific number of years after which they return to review and re-accredit the programmes for the next period.

The University ensures that the documentation submitted to a PSRB is of the highest standard and consistent with University policies, and monitors the outcomes of PSRB accreditation activity. Click below to find out more about this process.

Process for submitting documentation to a PSRB and monitoring outcomes

Schools are required to inform Registry annually of forthcoming accreditations, validation, reviews or similar activities by PSRBs and the proposed nature of that activity.

The Accreditation Submissions Sub-Committee of ASQC considers draft core self-assessments and associated documentation on behalf of ASQC prior to submission to the PSRB.  Approval of the documentation by the Sub-Committee is required prior to its submission to the PSRB.

The draft core accreditation documentation must be submitted to Registry and Academic Services by the School approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the deadline for its formal submission to the PSRB.

It is the expectation that Schools will involve students or their representative(s) in the preparation of their submissions to PSRBs prior to the Sub-Committee’s consideration of draft documentation.

The Academic Quality & Standards Committee considers and comments on any reports and responses arising from accreditation/validation activity.  The Committee may refer matters arising from reports and responses to other appropriate committees or to officers of the University.  The Committee particularly seeks to identify and promulgate examples of good practice. To this end, Schools are reminded that copies of reports received from PSRBs must be forwarded to Registry and Academic Services.

As part of the QAA’s approach to Institutional Review in Wales, accreditation and monitoring reports produced by PSRBs must be included in the information which an HEI makes available to provide assurance about academic quality and standards.  Therefore, it is important that central information on accreditation is accurate and up-to-date.


Queries regarding the University’s requirements in relation to professional accreditation should be addressed to:

Miss Karen T Moore
Quality Officer


Telephone: 02920 876901

Extension: 76901

Page last updated: 10 June 2015.