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Student Involvement with the Quality System

The College meetings of the Annual Review and Enhancement process include one student and one staff representative from each School in the College to ensure the event is as much about engagement and enhancement as quality assurance.

The new approach to Periodic Review has an emphasis on student engagement and opportunities for students to play a full part in the process. This is an important aspect which reflects broader trends in higher education and meets the expectation of Chapter B5 of the QAA Quality Code that “higher education providers take deliberate steps to engage all students, individually and collectively, as partners in the assurance and enhancement of their educational experience”. At the same time, Cardiff’s Periodic Review process can now capitalise on the successes of its wider ‘students as partners’ work: the enhanced student representative system, networks and training programme; systems for gathering and acting upon internal and external survey data; the commitments to student engagement and the provision of opportunities for partnership enshrined in the Student Charter. Students are involved with Periodic Review on a number of levels:

There will be some aspects of a School’s review that may not be appropriate for students but these are expected to be few: students will play a full and extensive role in the process.

Page last updated: 31 October 2013