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Summary of Differences in the VLE for Summer 2010

During summer 2010 the interface to the VLE is changing. This document gives side by side comparisons of the differences for some key tasks. Differences Summer 2010

A student needs analysis of Blackboard.

Katherine Shelton (PSYCH), Rebecca Price-Davies (PHRMY), Julia Kennedy (SOHCS) and Helen Court (OPTOM) A student needs analysis of Blackboard-Powerpoint. A student needs analysis of Blackboard-write up.

eLearning and equal opportunities

Nicholas Kent (BIOSI), Haley Gomez (PHYSX), Niklaas Buurma (CHEMY), Simon Pope (CHEMY), Robert Hughes (PSYCH) The e-learning and equal opportunities project investigated how students use Blackboard as a VLE using a student-focussed approach. To this end, a questionnaire was designed to enable expression of the learner voices of students at Cardiff University in combination with [...]